Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Blanket is Not Just a Blanket

Any parent of a baby or toddler knows that often a blanket is not just a blanket. Both of my kids have lovies that they are extremely attached to. Baby E loves nothing more than snuggling his blankie (AKA nay-nay). He even insists on dragging it through the mud with him as he crawls around outside. Big Brother is attached to a tiny striped washcloth from Babies R Us, that they obviously don't make anymore. Most of the time, I am extremely thankful that each one has an object that brings so much calm and comfort. These small items have helped my kids through many travels, tantrums, and other dramatic events in the lives of babies and toddlers.

The one bad thing about lovies, is that there is only one. There is no other Blankie for Baby E when he throws up all over it in the middle of the night. And there is no replacement washcloth for Big Brother when he loses it on his way to board an airplane (only to be returned by a kind stranger who we are forever grateful to). My older one understands that his lovy stays in the house unless we are taking a long car or plane trip. But Baby E is too little to understand, and I am too tired to get him used to that idea right now. So Blankie comes everywhere, and that's why you may see me walking in circles around the neighborhood looking for the blankie which he dropped out of the stroller. I think I need to cut it in half, so I can stop having nightmares about losing it.

But all in all, I think the pros of having a security doll/blanket outweigh all these cons.

What is your infant or toddler attached to?