Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

     I started researching double strollers when I was pregnant with Baby E. I was looking for a double stroller that could do it all. Even though no stroller is perfect, the Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT (BJCMGTD enough letters for you?) has been an amazing fit for our family! Here are some highlights:

A winter walk when baby E was around  6 weeks old

The Double GT is a big stroller. Any side by side double is going to feel big, and the GT is no exception. It is 29.5 inches wide, and fits through all standard doorways. I have however been pleasantly surprised at some small spaces it has been able to fit.
The size works great for our lifestyle, because I do not really use my double stroller for errands. A prefers to walk on short errands, so I just use a single umbrella stroller for the baby. At 33 pounds, I would not want to be loading and unloading the double GT multiple times throughout the day.

The seats are TALL and have plenty of room. A is a very tall 2.5 year old and he fits well in the GT which was a main reason we chose this stroller over some other contenders. The seat is more supportive than the regular City Mini seat, but still does not sit totally upright. My toddler doesn't seem bothered, but a child who likes to sit up very straight, may not be comfortable. The seats have a near full recline, and I placed my newborn in the seat with just a Snuzzler pillow. It has the option for use with a car seat, but I prefer to use the regular seat, even for newborns.

The stroller has 8.5 inch forever air tires. This was a major selling point for me. I love that I do not have to worry about my tires going flat or needing air. That being said, it was an adjustment to switch from air-filled tires (single Bumbleride Indie) to forever-air tires on the GT. I can feel more of the road or sidewalk, and the stroller doesn't glide over bumps as easily. All that being said, I find it very pleasant to use the stroller for long walks around the neighborhood, even on bumpy sidewalks. The Double GT has front-wheel suspension, and I really only feel the weight of the fully loaded stroller when going up hills. If you need to do a lot of off-roading with your stroller, this may not be for you. I am really loving it for everyday use around the neighborhood and for longer outings.

The GT has the classic Baby Jogger fold, although you need two hands to fold the Double. I love that it takes a few seconds to fold or unfold, because I do not want to spend precious time wrestling with the stroller. It is pretty big when folded, but fits easily in the trunk of our SUV.

The Double GT has some great features that really add to the value of the stroller:
  • The stroller has 2 separate, very large canopies with great coverage and 2 peekaboo windows. The material in the back of each seat can also be rolled up to allow air to flow through the seat on a very hot day. 
  • I love that the parking break is up near the hands! Locking and unlocking the break is extremely easy and convenient. 
  • Adjustable handlebar for comfortable walking 
  • The basket is large, but does not have any great points of access. It would be really hard to get a large diaper bag in there, but you can fit in a lot of smaller items. There are also great mesh pockets on the back of each seat which are very handy for storing water bottles, sunscreen, or small toys and snacks.
  • There is a rain cover and cup-holder available for purchase. I love the rain cover, but I am still on the hunt for a cup holder that works better with the Double GT. The way the cup holder attaches to the handlebar feels awkward to me. 

Overall, the Double GT is a great double stroller that has the capability to be a one and only. It pushes great outside, yet is not so huge that it is impossible to fold up and put in the car for outings. If you are looking for a comfortable and versatile double stroller, this might be the one for you! 

Just back from a walk!

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  1. I have the single City Mini GT, and I LOVE it. I like the rubber handles instead of that weird foam that gets sticky and dirty. I love the easy, one-handed collapse, and I like that the brake isn't a foot break. Foot breaks will do a number on your pedicure! :)

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