Wednesday, July 3, 2013

First Blog Post! Baby Jogger City Versa Review

Yay for my first blog post ever!

I love strollers. Before having my first child, I did not even know that this world of stroller obsessions existed. But I am officially hooked now. I spend lots of time reading about different strollers...and lusting after them. 

I had a Bumbleride Indie (another great stroller) when my older son A was a baby. But for new baby E, I wanted to try something different. I missed not having a reversible option on the Indie so that was my major motivation for picking a new stroller. After lots of research, I settled on the Baby Jogger City Versa, and it was definitely love at first stroll. 

I have seen many reviewers say that the Versa is nothing pretty to look at, but I don't have any problems with how it looks. And I am a big fan of the green color. I almost went with black, but am very happy I decided to go with green. It's a lighter shade, almost like a sage green. 

It took less than 5 minutes to assemble the stroller, and then it was ready for a test drive. Here is what I have to say about the stroller after owning it for 5+ months now:


fold: The Versa has a spectacularly easy fold for a reversible stroller. You can fold the stroller with the seat facing either direction-simply fold the seat forward and then pull the signature baby jogger handle on the bottom and the stroller snaps shut. 

push: This stroller has an amazing push, especially for a stroller without air tires. It is great both indoors and out, and I can push it easily with one hand, even with my heavier toddler in the stroller. It doesn't have the super smooth feel that air tires will give you, but I think it is about as good as it gets for EVA foam wheels. 

Basket: The basket is huge and easily accessible. I can fit a jam packed diaper bag in there, or pack it up for a trip to the zoo or pool. 

Versatility: This stroller is great for both indoors and outdoors. With the great basket, medium weight, awesome fold, and good wheels, this could definitely be a one and only stroller. My tall 2.5 year old is comfortable in the stroller, and loves to chat with mommy while we ride :) 

I also love the hand break up by the handlebar instead of down on the bottom. I am neutral about the handle bar - it is comfortable enough and easily adjustable, although sometimes I do wish it was a little taller. I am 5'7'' and sometimes it feels a little awkward even on the tallest setting, but I think it may just be because I am used  to pushing a double stroller. 


Canopy: This is the only major complaint I have about the stroller. I wish the canopy was larger, or had another expandable section. It is often hard to get full coverage especially early or late in the day. I have also had a couple issues with my canopy popping off either during the folding or unfolding process (not sure), but it only takes a second to re-attach. 

Extra Info:

There is a slight learning curve with the recline mechanism. It is a small lever on the back of the stroller, that you need to pull up to recline the stroller. But after having the stroller for a while, I have no issues reclining the stroller. 

For the amount of stroller you get, the size/weight are not bad at all. I personally would not want to be carrying this in and out of my car all day long, but stronger people may feel differently. This is not a lightweight stroller - it weighs a bit over 24 pounds. But it folds very compactly so not a bad option if you need to put it in the trunk, or store it in your living room like me.

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  1. I'm also OBSESSED with strollers! I'm curious, from Baby Jogger's point of view-what their reasoning is behind the stroller-they have the city select which can be a single stroller and has reversible seats. I guess this is their more light weight version? Why would someone buy this vs. a city select? It's a bigger stroller than their mini so I feel like if I was going to buy this type of stroller-would I go for this or just do the city select?

    Thanks for following!

  2. Yeah-the city select is a pretty big stroller and is a bit harder to maneuver than the versa. The versa has four 8 inch wheels, but has suspension in all four tires. The select has 12 inch back wheels, 8 inch front wheels, but only has suspension in front. Overall I think the Versa has a better push, but the Select might be easier to push if you are on grass or really rough sidewalks.
    The select is also a few inches wider and longer front to back, but the seats themselves are smaller. I have a very tall 2.5 year old and he fits great in the versa.
    The other major difference is that the Versa can fold with the seat facing either direction, and the Select can only fold with the seat facing front.
    If you are planning to use the select mostly in singles mode, I would go for the Versa because it is a lot more compact, but you are not really losing out with the push.

  3. Hello. Do you know if the bassinet made for the versa can face out, so baby can face the world? I know it faces parent, just wondering if I can turn it around.

    1. I'm not 100 percent sure, but I don't think so. But the baby will only be laying down in the bassinet, so can't really
      See much anyway. And the baby will outgrow the bassinet most likely before he or she becomes interested in looking around. I started using the regular versa seat around 3 months I think, with no issues.

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