Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Favorite Toys: Age 2.5

         I am always on the lookout for new toys, so I thought I would list some of my 2.5 year old's favorite toys. We don't do a lot of electronic toys in this house, and I like looking for open ended toys that can be used many different ways.

         Here is his current list of favorites:
A absolutely loves these pots and pans, and his little friends are usually immediately drawn to this set. He uses them to cook, and create random concoctions like crayon soup and salad dressing pancakes. We have a toy kitchen as well, but the pots and pans are often used as a stand-alone toy, and I love how he really uses his imagination when playing.

  • Puzzles, Puzzles and more Puzzles
Right now, A is really into these Melissa and Doug puzzles. I love the sturdy wooden pieces, which are easy for him to manipulate and stay together well. He is also into larger 24 piece puzzles that he likes to do with me or my husband. I got this great set of Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles.

These have just recently started getting a lot more play. They are great for building all sorts of towers, houses, steps, you name it! 
This has been a favorite for a while now. It is great both indoors and out. A loves to run outside while pushing this car, and there is a great little area in the back where he can put his snack or whatever toy is coming on our walk.

  • Play-Doh
A has just recently gotten into Play-Doh the last couple months. He has some texture sensitivities, so it is great to see him working with Play-Doh and really enjoying it. I got a great starter set similar to this, that has 4 small containers of Play-Doh and a bunch of animal shapes. He still needs some help to roll out the Play-Doh and push down on the animal shapes, but this is a great activity for when baby E is napping. The one downside is the little pieces of Play-Doh that get into the carpet, but I guess that's what a playroom is for.

  • A Random Red Bucket
This list would not be complete without his beloved red bucket. This is just any old pail that we got from a friend. He uses it to carry around whatever objects he is obsessing over at the moment. This bucket often comes with us to the store, on walks, to the pool and beach (obviously!), and to the park. Not sure why he loves it so much, but it sure is cute to watch. (Strangely enough, I don't have a picture of him with his bucket, ill have to add one later)

What is your 2.5 year old playing with?

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  1. Great list of 2.5-year-old-appropriate-toys! We also have the Little Tykes Push and Ride Racer and LOVE it!! My 2.5 year old still loves it, my 16 month old adores it, and best of all, the younger sister pushes her older brother around on it! I love any toy that can entertain 2 kids at once (without having to break up fights) :)