Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby Routines: 8 months

     My kids thrive on having good routines and structure to their day. I really like the Baby Whisperer books by Tracy Hogg. I think she gives a very good framework for understanding babies needs, especially their sleep needs. (More about the Baby Whisperer in another post)

Now that I am doing this the second time around, I am a lot more comfortable trusting my instincts and following the baby's cues. I never thought I would be exclusively nursing at 8 months, but here I am with a baby who refuses to take a bottle. Little E has recently started taking better naps (let's hope that continues!) 

His days usually look something like this. 

6-6:30: Wake up and nurse

7:30: Solids - he's only eating a few ounces of purees 2-3 times a day

9:00: nurse and nap time - he sleeps anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours +

10:15/10:30: wake up and feed again

12:00: solids 

1:00: Nurse and nap time again :) Same time frame as before. I try to have A nap at this time as well. 

3:00: Wake up and nurse 

4:30/5:00: solids again

6-630: nurse and bedtime

He was down to 1-2 feeds at night, but the past few nights he's been up 3 times to eat. I am trying to consolidate some of his daytime feeds, but I like to feed him before his nap so he doesn't wake up early from hunger. 

This is a good routine for us, although it is a rare day when everything actually goes according to plan. It gives us time to get out of the house before lunch, and again later in the afternoon if we want. E has a really hard time napping in his carseat or stroller, so I usually stay home for nap time and use that time to do crafts or other special activities with his big brother.

Trying out our new puzzle while E naps

What does your 6-12 month old's day look like?

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  1. My son just turned six months. His schedule is much like your son's. Although, sometime he likes to take what I call a "party nap" around 3:30 or 4:00.

    Do you nurse to sleep? I'm struggling with getting my little guy to sleep without being nursed to sleep.