Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review: Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper

If I had to pick one item to purchase for my baby's first few months. I think this would have to be it. (Swing is a close second, if not a tie) The Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper completely saved my sanity with Baby E, and I really don't know what I would have done without it.

I remember being home in the first week of Baby E's life, and he would not sleep anywhere. He did fall asleep in my arms, but as someone who really does not sleep well with a baby in my bed, I needed to find another solution. I hadn't heard about the Rock n Play, as I think it only became popular after A was born.  My mom was in town, and purchased it on a whim after someone mentioned it to her. We quickly assembled it, and never looked back.

E napping around 6 weeks

I'm not sure if it is the angle of the seat, the way the seat hugs the baby, or some other factor, but it works. The way the fabric is attached, the Rock n Play creates a hammock-like seat for the baby. I would have preferred E be sleeping flat at night, but he had other ideas. He did have quite a big flat spot, and I do think the Rock n Play may have been a factor (that and the swing were the only places he slept for the first 4-5 months), but I would have done anything to get him to sleep at the time. Thankfully, his head continues to round out as he spends most of his waking hours on his stomach or being held.

I love the small size of the Rock n Play, it was very unobtrusive and easy to travel with. The fact that it rocks is a big plus, and definitely helped us out at the beginning. Baby E would only sleep swaddled as well, which can be tricky with the buckle. We did not buckle him as a newborn, and we transitioned him to his crib when he started moving around more.

Chilling - around 3 months old here

I attempted the crib transition a few times, but I kept pushing it off because I was just so tired. It's all a little hazy now, but I think he was sleeping nights in his crib by 5 months. The transition was not very difficult, and my fear of moving him was definitely the worst part of it! Daytime sleep has always been more difficult for him, and he napped in his swing until closer to 6 months.

The Rock n Play was also great as a place to put the baby down during the day, and we could easily bring it from room to room ad even to the backyard. E is now 9 months, and the Rock n Play has been folded up and put away for about a month. I am thrilled with the amount of use we got out of it, and it was a very worthwhile purchase.

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  1. I purchased one for a friend of mine for her baby shower and she loved it. It was the only thing that her baby would sleep in. I got a bassinet for my daughter when she was first born. I thought the close quarters of the sleep n play makes them feel secure. Happy that your baby liked it as well and enjoyed it for so long. Love the review. :)

  2. Ditto! This was such a lifesaver. I think that the angle is also really great for minimizing reflux.