Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review: Baby Banz Hearing Protection Earmuffs

We recently had a good friends wedding, and we had to bring Baby E along because he still does not take a bottle. I was hoping he would be sleeping through a larger chunk of the night by the time the wedding rolled around, but that didn't happen. 

I ordered these Baby Banz headphones at the last minute, in order to protect his little ears from the very loud music at the wedding. I tried them on myself to see what it would be like for Baby E (The headphones barely fit me, but I was able to get them on.) The headphones blocked out most background noises, but I could still have a conversation with my sister who was standing next to me. I did a quick test run with the baby, and he did not seem bothered by the headphones at all. He definitely noticed them, but didn't complain. 

The headphones worked out great at the wedding! He fell asleep at the reception, and basically slept all the way until we got home. I was able to relax, knowing that his ears were safe. They are really adorable, and I am very happy with how they worked out. My Dad asked if they were white noise headphones, since both my kids are addicted to white noise. That may be the next great baby invention! 

I definitely recommend these for anyone who needs to take a baby to a loud event. I'm pretty sure these would fit my 2-year old as well, but I need to double-check. 

And, of course E decided to go on a mini 12 hour nursing strike, and refused to nurse the entire time we were gone!

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  1. I was actually looking at these for Madison for our next plane trip. Happy to know you tried them out and they worked. Great! He looks so happy wearing them too.

  2. What a great idea. He looks super adorable in them too! I wish I had known about these when I attempted to take my then 3 month old to a wedding.