Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review: Step2 Push Around Buggy

I purchased the Step2 Push Around Buggy around my toddler's first birthday. I was looking for an alternative to the stroller for short walks to the park, or just around the neighborhood. I really like the car, but we didn't use it as much as I thought we would. Now that Baby E is starting to enjoy the car as well, I am really happy we have it! Here are a few points to think about if you are considering buying this push toy:

Baby E getting  ride from Grandma

  • It pushes really well! It is really easy to push outside, even with a pretty heavy toddler inside. Turning the buggy takes some getting used to, because the handle doesn't turn, but once you get the hang of it, it's not difficult. The handle is also at a great height for adults to comfortably push the car. 
  • It is a great stroller alternative for short outings. Kids have more freedom in the buggy, and they can "drive" the car and beep the horn. 
  • The buggy has some great features including a buckle, and a small trunk area for storing water bottles, snacks, or small toys. 
  • The wheels are very loud. If you are looking for a quiet ride, this is not the push car for you. The wheels are loud, but it hasn't bothered either of my kids, both of whom are extremely sensitive to noises. 
  • The seat area is not very roomy. By 18 months, I had a hard time fitting A into this car, although he is above average height. At 11 months, Baby E fits perfectly in the buggy, but I don't see him fitting much past 18 months either. 
  • I believe some models of this buggy have a removable handle, but mine does not. Assembly of this car was fairly straightforward, but I would have preferred a car that was already assembled. It is extremely sturdy however, and can withstand a lot. 

An old picture of Big Brother A in the buggy around 14-15 months

  • Keep in mind, that the way this toy is constructed means that there is no way for toddlers to propel themselves. The car really needs to be pushed in order to move. 
Overall, I think this is a great addition to our riding toy collection. 

What are your favorite riding toys?

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