Sunday, September 1, 2013

Laundry Time!

I think doing laundry is an amazing learning opportunity for toddlers. Big Brother A is firmly entrenched in his independent phase. In between all the tantrums about things he wants to do by himself, or things that I've done the wrong way, there are a few perks to his new found independence. He loves to do laundry, and wants to participate in every stage from beginning to end.

Doing laundry is the perfect for us to talk about colors and textures, work on skills like sorting and grouping, and have a great time. I think most kids at this age are capable of putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, and helping to sort clean clothes. Beyond that, I am letting my child lead the way about how much he wants to participate. Right now, he loves loading the clothes in the washing machine, pouring in the detergent, moving everything to the dryer, and putting the clean clothes away. Basically he wants to be part of the entire process.

Unloading the dirty clothes

 Into the wash they go...
Back for more

Doing laundry does take about double the time when we are doing it together, but it is a great afternoon activity to fill the lull before dinner time. 

What does your toddler like to help with?

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