Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Baby Jogger Glider Board

I have been wanting to try the Baby Jogger Glider Board for a while now, but I was waiting for my toddler to get a little bit older. He is 2.5 now, and we just got it a couple days ago. He is very excited about his new "skateboard" and so am I!

I was able to open it and install it on the Versa in about five minutes, with A hurrying me along because he wanted to try it out NOW. It is very easy to attach, and feels very secure.

I had to turn my Versa seat forward facing in order to use the board, but Baby E doesn't seem to mind. It is very easy to adjust the angle and length of the glider board, and A was ready to hop right on. I definitely need to change my stride when pushing the stroller with the board attached, but it is still comfortable. I love how the board folds up for easy storage when it is not in use, while still staying attached to the stroller frame.

I think A is still a little bit young for the board, and I wouldn't feel comfortable going very far without an actual seat for him. But for short walks, or the mall where he mostly wants to be out of the stroller, it is a great option. I can't wait to try it out some more!

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  1. Wow what a great idea. My kids are 5 years apart, but even a couple years ago when we would go for walks around the block my oldest would still get tired and try to climb into the stroller with him. Man I wish I had known about this before. And gosh, your picture is just so cute. He looks so happy!

  2. WOW! Great review! I love how compact it is! Lightweight is important! Thank you for reviewing a stroller for older kids! Jogging Stroller

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